Q: How long will it take for my renovation?

A: It depends on the scope of the work involved, time lines for materials such as cabinets, windows doors, flooring, sub trades availability.

Q:Why an estimate and not a quote?

A: We like to use estimates because with any renovation there are always surprises. An estimated cost gives an amount to base a budget on. We cannot see through walls, however, if the space is unfinished, we can provide a more accurate quote because we can see most of what we have to work with.

Q: What are your charges based on?

A: Our charges reflect the cost of the liability and WCB insurance that we carry which protects you. Our costs also include salary and sub-trade costs. Also we need to offset the amount invested in equipment which allows us to perform a professional quality job for you. This is how we make our living, it is not a second job. We and those that we hire are experienced at what we do. If you hire someone with no insurance and something happens or they are hurt on your premises, you will be potentially responsible for these costs.

Q: Can we purchase our own fixtures or other materials?

A: Yes you can, however, we will need to know specifically what it is that you are providing; it must come with instructions and be on site when it is needed by the contractor. You, as the supplier, are responsible for ensuring that the materials arrive on site within the job timelines.

Q: Can we just hire you for a portion of the work and hire others or complete the project ourselves?

A: Yes but we are only liable for, and guarantee that portion of the work that we perform.

Q: What happens if you come across structural or other concerns during the project?

A: If we come across any structural issues or other concerns we will discuss all the options for doing proper repairs to make it right! We can not knowingly leave any structural defects unrepaired.

Q: What payments are required?

A: Progress payments during the project are required. A schedule of these will be set out in the contract before any work is started.